A Massager Mini 1087- Ipro 6 mode Great Buy !!

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These 6-mode massagers have been made to remove the back cover like a mobile phone to be able to replace the lithium battery if required. Strong attractive outer case. Dropping is something that happens and we have never heard of a malfunction as a result.  So for great value and wanting something so simple to use, why look further.

MODE #1 Pushing

MODE #2 Acupuncture

MODE #3 Tapping

MODE #4 Scraping

MODE #5 Cupping

MODE # Random


Massagers may assist with the following; improving comfort, enhancing relaxation, exercising or improving physiological fitness, modifying anatomical physique, improving appearance, muscle or skin tone, easing minor aches and pains, fatigue or tiredness, or stimulating circulation.

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Massager Mini 1087 – Ipro 6 mode

Chosen by sufferers of neck pain, back pain, shoulder tension, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis,bursitis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, shin splints, neuropathy and many more injuries and disabilities.

1. For arms pain, legs pain, shoulders pain, neck pain, waist pain, back pain ect.
2. Muscle relaxation
3. for neck shoulder back arm leg foot Massage

with good success in controlling restless legs and general muscle aches. The pads are placed at back of knees where there is muscle area that pads stay on well . Put them on when you feel it coming on, select from one of the 6 modes, time for 60 minutes then the intensity low . It is worth a try.  The massager switches itself so if after a few hours you need to do it again, just switch off , switch on again and set the settings as you had it on first.

Ask us for a treatments points chart for the possibilities of help by using the Health Buddie massagers.


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