Standard Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. As the Exclusive Wholesaler of HealthBuddie TM Products in Australia, Kelmar Corporation Pty Ltd (trading as HealthBuddie referred to as “Health Buddie”) will handle all service, warranty related enquiries. The Product is guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship and parts during the warranty period. Defects that occur within this warranty period, under normal use and care will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. Solely at our option with no charge for parts or labour.
  2.  HealthBuddie reserves the right to replace the product or relevant parts with the same or equivalent product or part, rather than repair it. Where a replacement is provided the Product or part replaced becomes the property of HealthBuddie. We may replace parts with refurbished parts. Replacement of the Product or a part does not extend or replace the Warranty period.
  3. The benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies in respect of the product, that the consumer has under the Trade Practices Act and similar state and territory laws.

Proof Of Purchase

  1. This product has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and is warranted to the original purchaser or gifted recipient only. This warranty is not transferable.
  2. Please keep your purchase docket or receipt as proof of purchase and date purchased. The purchase docket must be presented with the warranty when making a claim.

Service Or Replacement During The Warranty Period

  1. In the event that this product is Dead on Arrival (DOA), the owner has 14 days in which to return the Product to HealthBuddie or place of purchase for a new replacement. If the owner does not return the product within 14 days then the Product will be treated under normal warranty conditions.
  2. Under normal warranty conditions the product must be returned to the Retailer, place of purchase, or HealthBuddie Headquarters. The address is on the ” Contact” page of this website.
  3. Please ensure that the product is properly packaged before  transit. Also make sure you have included an explanation of the problem(s).
  4. In the event that the goods requiring repair or replacement under warranty, the owner is responsible for the cost of transportation to HealthBuddie Headquarters. Whilst in Transit the goods are at the owner’s risk
  5. In the event that no identical Product is available for replacement or service repair, HealthBuddie has the right to replace the Product with a device of equal value & capacity or offer the customer the choice of a Product upgrade which may incur an extra cost.
  6. This warranty is limited to defects in workmanship or parts. All defective products or parts will be repaired or replaced. This warranty does not extend to accessories. cover manuals and packaging, electrode cords or general wiring.
  7. This warranty does not cover batteries or any other consumable item.
  8. This warranty does not cover any defect caused by an accident, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation, lack of reasonable care, loss of parts, tampering or attempted repair by a person not authorized by the wholesaler.
  9. The warranty will not apply if the factory-applied serial number has been altered or removed from the Product.
  10. All HealthBuddie Massager units have a two (2) year warranty and all other products one (1) year warranty from date of purchase.
  11. The warranty will not apply if damage, malfunction or failure resulting from alterations, accident, misuse, abuse, fire, liquid spillage, use on an incorrect voltage, power surges, thunderstorm activity. Also voltage supply problems, tampering or unauthorized repairs by any persons other than authorised HealthBuddie staff, use of defective or incompatible accessories, exposure to abnormal corrosive conditions.
  12. This warranty does not cover damage arising during transportation HealthBuddie takes full care in packaging products correctly for transportation. HealthBuddie will generally honour the cost of sending the faulty product back to the customer as a good will gesture.
  13.  This warranty does not apply whilst reside outside Australia.
  14. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the Product or parts.
  15. HealthBuddie will not provide refund directly to end-user in any circumstances, unless authorised by HealthBuddie headquarter staff only.

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