Amplification Listening Devices Store (ALDS) in Australia

Health Buddie have obtained the low-price hearing ALDS and listening devices store in Australia, the alternative to expensive hearing aids on offer. The Williams pocket Talker for those who find the expense of a prescribed hearing aid is not affordable. Many come with a price tag in excess of $10,000 and have been told to Health Buddie that they are not happy. This may be a minority but it is fact. The pocket talker complete comes at $357 together with a 5-year warranty.   The advantage to you is the volume of the TV as an example can be turned down making it better for those you live with but also getting a clear reception yourself. A crisp clear hearing for yourself.  The CS150 hearing aid comes with 2 lithium batteries and settings programmed to suit the environment you are in. ie restaurant, meeting or in the open air, you will hear the birds tweeting again. By downloading an app onto your computer or phone which allows simple and precise programming.
Our Voice Buddy which is used by teachers, lecturers, Tour operators, factory supervisors. Volume adjustable to suit the environment you work in. Voice Buddy comes with long life rechargeable lithium battery. Background noise is a distraction, distracting the class or congregation. The Voice buddy overcomes that.  Research shows that people have an auditory learning ability ie people with dyslexia and other auditory processing disorders. Health Buddie have a policy of refunding in full if not satisfied with the Voice Buddy performance within 30 days of purchase.
The Voice Buddy allows voice amplification up to 50 meters in an Open Field. It comes with an Audio input port for connecting audio equipment. It is lightweight with a secure wide belt which is comfortable with quick clip fitting.  The USB port will support up to 32 GB of audio. The SD card port will support up to 32 GB of music. Professionals are big users of our Voice Buddy
Our Mini Buddy, the world’s smallest high powered voice amplifier, for the smaller meetings ie retirement homes, board meetings, speech impaired people.  Your listeners who have impaired hearing may be missing your conversation. Mini Buddy is the answer and allows everyone to hear.  Our Mini Buddy features environmentally friendly high capacity Nickel Metal Hydride batteries (NiMH) that can be safely recharged overnight. It has a simple on / amplification / off switch for ease of use. Also a lanyard, belt mount or a shoulder strap convenience, and cover protector with belt loop.   Comes with a single power and charging indicator light.

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