Massage Small Hydro Gel Pads


New & Improved HydroGel Pads

Electrode Life: HealthBuddieâ„¢ is dedicated to selling only the highest quality in massager pads. All pads we sell are strictly abode by the highest standards worldwide, e.g. gel life, adhesive tack & biocompatibility.


Gel Performance: Generally, the number of electrode reuses will vary from patient to patient depending on skin conditions, skin preparation, type of stimulation, storage, climate, use, care. As to gel reuses, HealthBuddie follows the world standard for the highest quality gel. When skin is cleaned and dried, humidity has the greatest impact on gel reuses.


Other features:

1. No painful hair pull when peeling from the skin; 2. Has good adhesive tack for sweaty or unpretreated skin; 3. No more hot spots, the massage is delivered through the whole pad; 4. All weatherproof; 5. Patented HydroGel formula; 6. Security seal and resealable bag; 7. Best before the expiry date on the bag;




These state-of-the-art patented electrode pads will work on most if not all brands of TENS/EMS/MASSAGER machines on the current market that utilize the snap pad technology.


As a reminder, we use registered Australia Post when we send our electrode pads the cost for postage is a set fee of $12 and we can fit up to 20 pads. So the more you order the more you save on postage.


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