Ear clips to connect to your TENS or MASSAGER


Massage the ears by simply clipping these to you both ears then plugging into your tens or massager.

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Ear Massage, how relaxing.

Have you ever had your ears massaged, These massage ear clips rest firmly in the ear lobe and with the special modes on the AS 1080 16 mode massager you will be amazed at the gentle effect on year ear. As with these electronic pulse massagers you do need to take care in using the right modes.  This plugs straight into the port of your massager. As it has 2 ports it enables both ears to be done at the same time. Did you know that with reflexology there are myriads of points on your ear.  Check out the chart below:

Ear / Auricular Acupuncture Points

This chart was compiled from multiple sources, including classical TCM ear charts, German auricular charts, some of Nogier’s points,  Charts can vary pending on their source, and many may look different than this one just so you know.


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